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By spending money on dental implantation, you are regaining a particle of your health and improving your life quality!
Yuriy Dmytryshyn

Expert level dental implantation
in Lviv

Implant fixture, as well as bone plastic and gum plastic surgery during
a single visit according to the authorial treatment technique "All in one stage"

Скорочення терміну реабілітації у 2 - 3 рази, залежно від клінічної ситуації

Dr. Yuriy Dmytryshyn – the surgeon-implantologist No1

Has 14 years of experience in the field
of dental implantation
Applies over 60 systems
of dental implantation
Is the only surgeon-implantologist in Ukraine who works with over 60 systems of dental implantation (stomatology implants, endosseous implants, fixtures) including Straumann (Switzerland), Nobel Biocare (THE USA), Astra (Sweden), Ankylos (Germany), Bredent (Germany), Neodent (Brazil), ROOTT Form (Switzerland)
Has obtained 170 training and
qualification certificates
Is also an honored lecturer of the worldwide organization Open Dental Community in Switzerland Has conducted courses, masterclasses, given lectures in 17 countries around the world
The authorial methodology of implantation "All in one stage" presumes:
- the shortest possible period of rehabilitation, from 2 days to 3 months

- immediate implantation: implant integration into the jawbone, the 3d plastic bone and soft tissues in the area of implant during a single visit

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Everybody is interested in how many implants need to be fixed to replace the whole jaw of missing teeth fully. In reality, it depends both on implantation and the orthopedic construction set on the implants.
Economic / Cost-efficient option
All on 4
In line with this treatment concept, a patient will be provided with four implants on an upper or lower jaw, and afterwards with temporal metal-plastic crowns of long duration fixed within 3-5 working days. The construction reaches the first masticatory tooth (sixth). In 3 - 4 months, a permanent prosthetics of a ceramet construction is performed.
Standard option
All on 6 implants
In case of necessity, tooth extraction and implantation are conducted, as well as bone or gum augmentation, and then temporal prosthetics is arranged in 3 - 5 days. In 3 to 4 months, a doctor performs permanent prosthetics with a ceramet construction.

A denture reaching the second masticatory tooth, id est complete dental row, substitutes the jaw. This construction is continuous, from tooth #7 on one side to tooth #7 on the other side.
Premium option
8 - 10 implants
In case of necessity, an exodontia and implantation are conducted, bone or gum augmentation if needed, and then temporal prosthetics in 3 - 5 days. In 3 to 4 months, a doctor performs permanent prosthetics with a non-metal zirconia construction.

A denture reaching the second masticatory tooth, id est complete dental row, substitutes the jaw. This construction is separatiable and consists of 3 individual bridges - one front and two lateral.

Improve your quality of life – call now!

Immediate tooth extraction, implantation and temporal prosthetics in 5 days

We use surgical 3D templates for exact positioning of implants and minimum traumatic surgical interference

An example of successful implantation and permanent prosthetics within 48 hours

Implantation and prosthetics within few days
is not a dream anymore, but a standard of treatment.
Immediate tooth extraction and implantation.
Temporal prosthetics in 4 days
Implantation All on 4

Implantation and permanent prosthetics within 7 days
Impossible is possible!

The Single-Visit Implant Crown Technique according to the authorial methodology of implantation "All in one stage"

Flawless implantation of a front tooth
Implant does not differ from a natural tooth

Cholistic Metal free dentistry. Bredent white sky.
Ceramic Bredent white sky implant and a zirconia crown prosthetics

No matter how complicated the situation is,
Yuriy Dmytryshyn would know precisely how to solve it

In case of extreme atrophy of supramaxilla (if it is impossible to fix implants on the upper jaw in a standard way), we apply zygomatic implants of Zygoma fused into the cheekbone, and nurse fixing elements intraorally.

Should you were told that it is impossible to fix implants on the upper jaw
in your clinical situation - reach for us.

As a treatment for missing of 4th and 5th teeth on the upper jaw, a ceramic implant of ICX and a ceramic protective micro onlay are placed.

Smiling and getting all the better from your life in all - was our 83-years-old patient's decision, who came to our clinic having not a single tooth.

Dental implantation at the complete absence of teeth

Dental implantation in Yuriy Dmytryshyn's clinic
"Dentistry of the future"
improves the quality of Your life

We fix quality implants in Lviv with a guarantee
Re-prosthetics was conducted for a patient 1954 y.b.
A case 10 years after dental implantation and fusing 2 additional ROOTTFORM implants.
At the upper jaw a prosthetic appliance is fixed on a beam.
At the lower jaw a prosthetics with a telescopic fixing is applied.
The implantation was conducted in Lviv, at the Yuriy Dmytryshyn Dental Clinic

Implantation and prosthetics with a white zirconia implant Straumann Pure Ceramic in the area of an absent 15th tooth

Straumann Pure Ceramic is one of the most expensive ceramic implants in the world

Our 1994-year born patient was provided with dental implantation and prosthetics

Implantation and prosthetics with Zimmer Trabecular Tantal implants in place of missing 14th and 15th teeth on the upper jaw and 36th and 37th teeth on the lower jaw for our patient, born 1959

Zimmer Trabecular Tantal implant is made of tantalum, a rare-earth metal, which has the greatest chemical firmness among all metals used in implantation

Dental implants for multiple missing teeth

Our patients have an ability not only to talk but also to smile
right after the dental implantation.

"Dental implantation in Lviv - with reliable implants,
moderate prices, and a highly skilled implantologist"
"Implantation brings improvement of your life quality"
- herein, our patients ascertained by our work already.
This is video review by our patient that came to us for implantation on Black Wednesday and got a pleasant bonus of a 40% discount

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Yuriy Dmytryshyn is an honored lecturer of the international organization "Open Dental Community"

He provided lectures and conducted practical courses in 17 different countries around the world

He is also a developer of 7 authorial implantation techniques
and a special tool for extrusion around implants

He is the founder of the "Dmytryshyn Institute"

During the IDS exhibition in 2017 Yuriy Dmytryshyn, the surgeon-implantologist of the clinic
"Dentistry of the future", shared his cases considering application of Rootform implantsduring
his lecture "Immediate implantation with the functional loading in an esthetically important zone"
Certificates on professional trainings in the field of dental implantation

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And get a doctor's examination by the surgeon-implantologist as a gift

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